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$DAG Nodes for everyone

A $DAG node currently costs $0.
You know the Constellation network will power the future of Distributed Ledgers.

We pool investors money to soft stake and run $DAG nodes.
Auto compound for improved future returns, or take out your passive income.


$DAG needed for soft node staking


Current $DAG Price Coingecko

US$ 0.00

$DAG soft stake node price

US$ 0

Why invest in a $DAG Node?

Constellation is blockchain for Big Data.
True innovation with such a huge impact in the Blockchain space is rare.

You are early. Please inform yourself.

Constellation provides the infrastructure that is required to build real-world solutions with the benefits
of blockchain (secure & decentralized), but not the downsides (costly, high energy requirements, limited capacity).

It has the potential to disrupt many industries. If this happens, the need for $DAG and $DAG nodes will skyrocket.
Dagnode.finance allows everyone to join in early with a lower amount.

There have been excellent articles written and explanations recorded on YouTube.
If you are new, before you consider to participate in Constellation’s network, we suggest:

  1. YouTube - CONSTELLATION - Honest Data for a connected future
  2. YouTube - What in the $DAG is Constellation Network?
  3. YouTube - Will Constellation DAG make you rich?
  4. Medium - Constellation Network: A Scale-Free Ecosystem of Generativity
  5. Medium - The Unique Value Proposition and Bull Case for Constellation Network
  6. Hackernoon - $DAG Will Do To Big Data What Bitcoin Did To Money

"The most exciting development for the project this year is sure to be the launch of Mainnet 2.0. When this happens, the floodgates will open and the prices will go nuclear."

Three Cryptos With 100x Potential in 2022

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“The unique Constellation Blockchain for Big Data technology has significant potential to help Air Force cyber security and the 618 Air Operations Center (AOC) [ ... ] ”

618th Air Communications Squadron Commander Air Mobility Command

United States Air Force Letter of Support

Constellation Network

Constellation is a perfect solution for networks that transfer financial or sensitive data such as personal data or data for IoT devices such as self-driving cars.

More about the Constellation Network

$DAG Token

DAG is the crypto asset of Constellation. Constellation’s nodes are needed for data transfer and verification. They need 250,000 $DAG to operate. So if the use of Constellation grows, so does the need for $DAG tokens.

More about the $DAG Token

Soft Node Staking

Soft node staking is a reward program for those who set up a node using 250k $DAG tokens. Node holders receive around 1% interest monthly.

More about Soft Node Staking
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Return Calculator

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Your results after price appreciation:

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Monthly Returns

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Yearly Returns

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Amount held on your behalf

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Your share of a (soft)

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How It Works

Co-own a $DAG node through a Dagnode.finance NFT.

  1. We issue NFTs as proof of ownership, so everyone can co-own a $DAG node. Every NFT is minted with a starting balance, in blocks of 5,000 $DAG. One block currently costs US$ 0.00.
  2. You can purchase any amount of NFTs on Dagnode.finance using $DAG, $FTM, $USDC/T, $ETH, $AVAX or $BNB.
  3. 99% of your invested amount is used to buy $DAG. We charge a 1% platform fee. If you deposit or withdraw a coin other than $DAG, 0,5% is deducted for costs of trading and transfers. As our process is fully automated and using smart contracts, you will receive your NFT within minutes.
  4. After every staking period, 80% of all rewards are distributed proportionally (based on the $DAG Value of your NFT). 20% is used for platform and node cost, development, management and maintenance.
  5. You can sell your NFT on the secondary market at any time, or trade in your NFT and take out your total accrued $DAG value.

During each reward period, investors can select 1 out of 3 options:

Auto compound

  • $DAG balance are re-staked.
  • Rewards are added to the $DAG balance of your NFTs, growing your future returns.

Pay out $DAG rewards

  • $DAG rewards are traded at day rate to $FTM and made claimable.

Exit our protocol/divest

  • The $DAG balance of your NFT is paid out in $DAG. Or traded at day rate and made claimable in $FTM, or transferred in $ETH, $USDC/T, $AVAX or $BNB.
If the NFT is transferred or burned, the rewards of that period go to the platform.

Still have questions? Need some help?

Contact us on Discord!
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Plans for the future


stage 1 badge

Project launch

June 2022

Build up initial investor base with marketing, optimize dashboards and start operations.


stage 2 badge

NFT Minting

July and onwards

Joining the $DAG nodes soft staking program. Distribution of rewards.


stage 3 badge

Future dev.

When Mainnet 2.0 is released

Constellation Network $DAG nodes are operated.

Investor Security

Our team consists of 2 founders, 4 developers, and a visual designer.

  • Both founders, Jesse and Robbert are publicly doxxed.
  • Once deployed on mainnet 2.0 our contract will be audited by a third party.
  • The wallet addresses will be published on our Docs.
  • Once available in the Stargazer wallet, we will use a Ledger Nano S for each wallet.
Please note: We are not associated with Constellation Network. We are a custodial service holding and deploying your tokens for you.
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